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  • G-Skate - Racing and high-end inline, ice, and quad skates
  • K2 skate - Recreational, racing, and aggressive inline skates
  • Powerslide USA/Luigino Racing - A local company with world class race equipment
  • Strub Sports Designs - Unique skating apparel
  • Skater's Bell - Handheld bells improve safety for skating on busy trails
  • Michael Swihart - tru-rev dealer - call for pricing 253*307*9587
  • Fast Girl Skates - Quad skate and roller derby heaven - Check out their new Wallingford location
  • SSMM Racing - A local dealer carrying inline speed skating Equipment including MPC Speed Wheels, Simmon's Racing Boots, Schankel Race Frames, Ninja Bearings and more

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